Hello and welcome to Turn ‘n’ Burn, a new aviation site to join the masses.

My name is Alan Kenny and not a lot of people know that. Well some do. I used to work for AirForces Monthly Magazine, updating the Facebook page, creating content for the website and assisting with putting the magazines together.

I work as cabin crew for a large international airline based out of Heathrow Airport. I’ve worked in the airline industry since 2007, starting off with a low-cost carrier at Gatwick Airport and working my way up over the years. Through my job, I often get to travel to the USA, especially California and Nevada. It is here that most of my photography takes place. The military scene is very busy there, although nothing like the old days, and has a lot to keep me occupied.

Lately I’ve been to Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore, Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu, Star Wars Canyon, Los Angeles Airport, Nellis Air Force Base and RAF Mildenhall. Over time I will be creating reports for this site.

I hope you look forward to the future of this site.

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Alan Kenny


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